Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Halloween Crafts

Every crafter goes through a time in his or her life when it is simply impossible to throw old food containers into the garbage or recycle bin. Every salsa jar looks like a possible candle holder. Every Styrofoam meat tray is a paint palette.

I'm going through that phase in my life right now, and my craft room is overflowing with cleaned out spaghetti sauce jars, Pringles cans, and plastic sour cream containers.

If it gets any worse I might have to search the yellow pages for a Hoarders Anonymous group in my area.

Anyway, this weekend I decided to make use of a few items I'd been saving.

So I gathered the following items: Coffee can, cocoa powder container, Pringles can, and a small dog food can.

I also used scrapbook paper, Modge Podge, paint, markers, and a few buttons. And the finished products are: Pumpkin, Frankenstein's monster, ghost, and an "EEK!" candle holder.

A quartet of Halloween knick-knacks.

Here's a closer look at my creations. I'll probably use the Pumpkin pale to hold candies during trick-or-treat this year. The "EEK!" candle holder has little white rocks holding up the battery tea-lite candle.

It looks like when I took this picture the Modge Podge on Frank's head wasn't quite dry. It's a little wavy. Once the glue dried it flattened out. And my Pringles can ghost may have actually made a better Mummy, but I had my heart set on a ghost. :)

When I celebrate Halloween I must prefer to focus on the silliness rather than the scariness. Therefore, my cutesie Halloween crafts will fit right in!

Happy crafting!

(I'm also sharing this at Centsational Girl's Autumn Craft Party.)


  1. These are so cute! The cocoa powder Frankenstein is my fave, but I like that pumpkin, too. Cool repurposing project!

  2. Hehe, I love what you've done with these containers! I'm totally the same way with containers. It's so hard to throw any of them away.

    Tracy Screaming Sardine