Friday, June 10, 2011


I'm back to share with you a recent transformation. Beside the backdoor to our house is a little shelf we use to keep keys, the garage door openers, and a container for cash for gas. It looks like this. Handy ... functional ... blah.

That thing hanging on the middle hook is actually a wind chime. The picture just shows the top part (a yellow bird). It was just hanging on this shelf until it was nice enough outside.

And here is the shelf after I dressed it up just a little bit, just for some variety.
Yeah, still pretty blah. And you know from my previous post that the lovely vegetable picture on the shelf has gone through a major transformation.

So, without further ado, let me show you how the shelf looks today:
A breath of fresh air. Changes include:
-- Entire shelf painted red
-- Picture makeover (to inspire us to hang up our car keys and bike from time to time)
-- Addition of a scrapbook paper covered box. (Modge Podge Rocks!)

Here are a few more pics (sorry for the shadows): A closeup of the bicycle pic: And a closer look at the new Modge Podged box: Oh yeah, the other shelves have some tiny little candles from Bath & Body Works. I don't really light them while they are on the shelf. : )
They have a nice tropical scent that you can sense without them even being lit. They are kind of cute but by no means permanent.

Lately I have been really drawn to bright red for almost anything that needs painted. I'm really loving it now. I think this old/new little shelf by our back door really adds some fun and whimsy to our walls.

Let's look at the before and after one more time:

(The shelf of yesteryear)

(The shelf of NOW)

I hope you have a terrific weekend!

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  1. I *love* your "new" red shelf!!! You have got to visit this blog for a dose of wonderful red:
    See you again soon, can't wait to read more of your posts! Oh, and I followed your blog!

    Mary @